It is a typical issue for novices to understand all the details on how to deal with the purpose to create a website. And the first thing that stops all of them is such a thing as web hosting. The best way to discover this question fully is to turn for guidance to professional experts. Eweb is here to make your life easier. This service provides numerous reviews, tips, and guides on how to choose web hosting in the UK and which one perfectly suits your website needs. Just stay with us and avoid the obstacles to increased business.

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Novice webmasters tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the hosting for their website. It is quite understandable – there are many various options, and it’s not that easy to take a grasp of the differences between them. The best way to deal with the unknown is to ask professionals for help. That’s why eWeb is ready to help you navigate this maze of types of hostings and pick the most suitable solution. Together, we will learn everything you need to know about taking your new website online.

Those who have peeked into this topic already know that there are incredibly many web hosting providers. So choosing the fitting option seems to be extremely difficult since you need to know both whom to trust and what kind of hosting to get. But don’t get alarmed yet! We have your back.

To simplify your journey, we’ve created this simple menu you can see above. It will help you to get started. Just click on the option you feel you need, and you will land on the page of eweb UK with the review of the top web hosting providers that offer a suitable solution. In this menu, you will find all the types of hostings from cheap ones to tailored alternatives such as hostings for WordPress-based websites and emails.

Each page includes not just reviews of providers, but valuable information about a certain kind of UK hosting you need to know to make the correct decision. Therefore, on UK, you can spot the difference between types and see which companies offer the best services for bloggers and e-commerce businesses, for example. Also, if you look specifically for the hosting that supports cPanel or PHP – we have picked the suitable providers for your needs as well.

With this Hosting Guide, we at eWeb are willing to help users get an understanding of what they need for their websites and the options they have. We hope that fewer people will have to trust any provider that claims to be the best blindly. Instead, we will tell you everything you need to know to make a data-based decision. regularly updates all reviews of providers as their offerings change.

Why should you trust us?

eWeb is the UK guide that has expertise in web hostings and creates unbiased and detailed reviews of providers. Our professionals utilize various instruments to check the uptime, loading speed, and overall reliability of the candidate. Also, they base their reviews on personal experience, which is vast enough for you to trust their opinions. If you’re willing to know about the reviewing process, proceed to the next section.

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How do eWeb UK pick the best web hosting providers


Reviewing the candidates, we do our best to stay unbiased. That’s why the testing process involves different tools that help us check the uptime, for example. It is one of the most crucial features of hosting because the accessibility of your website depends on it. Most providers promise to have, if not a perfect, but 99.9% uptime. And while the latter sounds good, that 0.01% downtime means your website is not accessible for 8.7 hours per year. Add the possibility of a provider lying about the 99.9% uptime, and you will face many issues managing your website.

Considering that, we review all the details meticulously, especially the uptime, of course. The simple layout of our testing process at UK will look like this:

But it’s not enough to just test the tech side of the provider. Today services should offer not simply a reliable hosting, but an overall decent service. That’s why we manually check if there are any website builders a provider offers, and how easy to use they are. Also, we test the control panels making sure even a novice webmaster will be able to understand how to use it. And, finally, we check how well the support team works – the service team should be available 24/7, answer quickly, and offer extended help. Because you can’t wait for when the working hours begin to get your website back online.

Of course, none of the providers has a perfect score. Each of them has strong and weak sides, and even the best vendors have their failures sometimes. But all of them try to improve their services, and that’s why we update our reviews as often as possible. So if the vendor passes our minimum requirements, it becomes a participant of our reviews, and we re-test it regularly.

eWeb exists for over 10 years, and our specialists had experience with hundreds of web hostings. We know what to look for choosing a suitable solution and how to detect the low-quality provider right away. That’s why a decade ago, a bunch of web pros gathered together to create eWeb project – to share our knowledge and help others.

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The team of eWeb unites five specialists with different backgrounds. Combining our knowledge and experience, we keep up with tens of various projects with eWeb being our top priority. We were testing the performance of the websites and looking for good providers all the time anyways. So we thought – why not share our results with other users?

Providers you will find in the reviews we’ve used personally. Keeping the moto, “Do to others what you want them to do to you,” we are never trying to fool our readers and sell them some provider. We are very conscious about our reputation, and we would never base our opinions on whether the company paid us or not. Staying objective, we promote only the providers that deserve to be promoted.


eWeb is an unbiased independent non-profit project about hostings. On this website, you will find genuine first-hand reviews of web hosting providers, informative guides, and a lot of other useful information. You can use materials you find on, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced webmaster.